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Retail Design -- Space Planning & Optimisation -- Photography -- 3D Visualisations -- Art -- Angling

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Welcome to the personal website of Chris Clark.

I have worked in almost all levels of retail from Shop Floor to Head Office level. Currently I am the Senior Floorplanner for a major UK based retailer, responsible for producing the most profitable and user friendly retail layout and optimising the space available.

I am a highly experienced store layout designer, planogrammer and merchandiser, with over 60 stores to my name ranging in size from 20,000 to 100,000sq. ft.

chris clark

As part of my planning role, on occasion I am required to also produce 3D renderings of the store to aid the concept visualisation.

Copywrite Chris Clark 2015

Chris Clark 2015

My interpretation of "HMS Vanguard" by Ivan Berryman

Outside of work, I am an amateur artist, enjoying working both with acrylics and more lately 3D software. My latest project being of two Royal Navy Landing Craft from the early 1970's (above - work in progress).

I also enjoy photography; in particular subjects in the natural world such as British Wildlife.

copywrite chris clark 2015

A jouvenille Robin

Lastly, I am a very keen angler, having been fishing since the mid 1980's. Primarily Sea and Boat angling but I also enjoy Coarse fishing and have recently learnt the art of Fly Fishing.

I enjoy taking new people fishing and teaching them how to catch a couple of fish for their dinner!

When time allows, I like to keep a record of my fishing exploits on my other website:


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